The Procuraduria General de la Republica in Mexico City may be roughly thought of as the same as the central offices of the CIA, FBI, or ATF in Washington D.C.. So, entering this building to take pictures of Zalce's mural was no easy matter..but was finally accomplished. This mural too, is mostly unknown, because only a relatively few visitors and Federal employees can enter the building; and my observations indicate that they seem unaware that the mural exists.

When Maestro Zalce was asked to paint the mural by the the Federal Attorney General, Sergio Garcia Ramirez, he was told that he could paint anything he wished to paint as long as it was true.

Since the Procuraduria works against drug trafficing, defends the entire Republic of Mexico, etc., Zalce placed a huge hand pointing to men wearing masks, but showing their ugly faces behind the good looking masks, representing the two faces of so many officials. Other pointing hands, representing the people, are also seen pointing.

Below that, he painted lawyers walking over a dead body of a client while hiding their faces. Maestro Zalce did not regard most lawyers very highly, and commented that they can be dangerous to their clients.

On the right side of the mural is the optimistic part, showing a lady working for the Procuraduia as she helps a young girl. Zalce said that the politics of the Procuraduria were in favor of the people and against corruption.


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