Maestro Zalce And Me

A Personal Note

After working as a television anchor in Albuquerque (KGNC-TV), Denver (KOA-TV), Washington, D.C. (WJLA-TV), and San Francisco (KRON-TV), I retired to Mexico in 1985, where I met Maestro Zalce in 1991. During that time, knowing him has been a large part o f my life. Although I am in my 60's, he has become an idol for me.

Maestro Zalce is a likable and a lovable gentleman. I have made numerous trips from my home in Mexico City to his in Morelia just to visit with him. His amiability, intelligence, and accessibility has never ceased to amaze me. Equally amazing to me is his willingness to share with me his knowledge of Mexico, with its history, its places, and people. His artistic talent, of course, is obvious.

As I have already mentioned, he does not conform to the general personality expected of a known artist or celebrity in any way. It is a fact that he produces art because he loves art, never for money or fame. By nature being a skeptic, it was several ye ars before I really believed that.

These webpages are dedicated to Maestro Zalce. I have designed these pages so that my friends and relatives in the United States (and other places) can see what I so often mention to them - the Zalce art that graces all the walls of my home, and the man who produced and entrusted me with it.

Sam Houston A.



Please note that, with the exception of the photographs of President Zedillo presenting the Pope with the Zalce art and of Maestro Zalce standing in front of the huge clay, all photographs on these pages were taken with my digital camera unless otherwise noted. Copyright © 2002 Samuel Houston

Special credit, acknowledgement, and thanks to Albert Gaylord, my 'puter Guru for making these pages possible.

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