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"Mexico se Transforma en una Gran Ciudad" (Mexico is Transforming Itself into a Large City) is an important Zalce engraving. It is quite current in the information it portrays although it was made by Zalce in 1947. He considers this engraving to be autobiographical. At the time he was living in Mex ico City's Santa María colony.

He had been noticing more and more trash on the the streets, and had been hearing more and more noise throughout the nights from the construction of new skyscrapers nearby. One night he arrived home late at night and told his taxi driver to let him o ut "over there behind that pile of trash." As he walked toward his front door he heard all of the construction noises and at the same time he saw a man picking things from the trash. A dog was interested in eating from the same trash.

The man talked to the dog, saying "What do you want here? Bones, meat? I don't even have food and I have to feed a family." With that, Zalce was so inspired that he produced this engraving, which in those days was very unpopular.

By opening the two "movies" below, you can hear Maestro Zalce talk more about engraving in general, and about this particular engraving.

Moving Images of Zalce Engravings (Imágenes en Movimiento: Grabaciones).

Moving Images -- Gran Ciudad

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