The Model

After working with Houston as technical advisor for this web site for the past few months, I had been anxious to try to meet Maestro Zalce. When Houston told me of an impending trip to Morelia to visit Maestro Zalce and invited me to join him, I quickly responded with a resounding "yes!" I knew it would be an interesting trip, but did not know just HOW interesting both Morelia and Maestro Zalce would be.

Maestro Zalce, after a rather lengthy very friendly and personal visit with Houston and myself, took us into his studio. Houston was interested in using his new digital audio movie camera to place "moving Zalce" on this site, and asked Zalce if he would draw something in about a minute, since only one minute video/audio bites can be made with the camera.

Zalce said "sure," and started sketching something. I stood directly in front of him and started filming with my video camera. About 30 seconds later, I realized that he was sketching me. Fascinating.

So on this page you can see me, Houston's computer "guru," standing in front of Gran Maestro Alfredo Zalce not realizing I was his model. Also shown, a "movie" actually showing Zalce as he did the sketch.

He then signed the sketch, dedicated it to me, gave it to me, and here it is, a just a bit more than one-minute sketch of me by Maestro Zalce.


Mexico City, May, 1999

The Subject

The Result

Click Here to see Zalce Sketching Me - An MPG Video

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